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Travel Tips


San Jose Del Cabo International Airport code is SJD


Documents/Customs –

Everyone will need a valid passport. Once in flight, you will receive your customs and immigration forms. Fill these out prior to landing. Once you have landed, proceed to the immigration line. You will be issued a Tourist Visa allowing you a specified number of days in Mexico. Once thru immigration, proceed to the baggage carousel to get your bags. Proceed to the customs line and push the button as instructed by the customs agent. After pushing the button, the light will turn either red or green. If it is green, you will be allowed to pass. If the light is red, you will be required to allow your bags to be inspected by the customs agent.


Transpotation from the airport –

After passing thru immigration, collecting your bags, and passing thru customs please proceed ALL OF THE WAY OUTSIDE thru the main doors of the airport. There you will be greeted by Buds & Suds representatives holding a BUDS & SUDS sign. You'll be directed to awaiting vans for your short journey to the resort. The drive to the resort is approximately 40 minutes so be sure to use the airport facilities before you board the vans/buses. Cold beverages will be available on board for you.


Credit cards –

The resort does accept credit cards as do many of the businesses in nearby Los Barriles.


Communication –

AT&T Cellular and Nextell cellular works in the area. Verizon does NOT work in the East Cape. Wireless internet is available at the hotel and phones and internet will be available should you need it. If you are bringing your cell phone, be sure to call your provider before you leave to have your phone activated for international (Mexico) calls.


Bringing home your catch -

On site filet, freezing and smoking service are available for $1.75lb. as well as insulated coolers that will hold approximately 30lbs. of filets. If you would like to bring your own cooler, we recommend a 48-60 quart sized cooler.

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